05 February, 2009

Crazy Long Picture-heavy Snow Day Post

Lily and I enjoying the snowy goodness of the garden. I was very grateful for DH's special wool socks with microfleece liners, I will tell you!!

Here David is getting started on his snowman...I really love this picture.
Here's the finished product: a snow pirate with cutlass, hook hand, peg leg, eye patch, hat AND shoulder parrot.  Trust me, they're all there.
Lily giving David a bit of assistance.

Lily and her own snowman, who is named Bob. Really.

I like this shot of the house, and the very snowy lane...


Anonymous said...

I am seriously in LOVE with your house. The snow ... eh... looks cold. But, the house is AWESOME!

Kay-From the Back Yard said...

What a pleasant post to read. Thanks!

Bec said...

What fun! Had your kids seen snow before? There were always a lot of kids in my classes that had never seen it!

Lynn said...

BEautiful!!!! I could SO be sitting in your house watching you play in the snow with the kids while I drank a nice warm beverage (preferably an Irish Coffee). then we could knit (something easy after that coffee!) while the kids quietly played or dozed off after all the fun in the snow! LOL

I really do love that house.