13 March, 2009

Circus and Other Fun

We've had some fun the last few days around here. Wednesday evening, I took the kids to the circus (wonderful acrobats, cute animals, candy floss...good times!).

Today is Red Nose Day, so the kids dressed up in red and did crazy hair to raise money.  Lily was thrilled beyond words to have occasion to wear the red riding hood poncho, which did double duty as a twirly skirt by the end of the day...

David's hair is SO stiffly waxed and gelled that I am wondering how many shampoos it will take to get it clean!!


Anonymous said...

Very cute. Lily doesn't look so sure in that picture though.

Glad they had a good time with Red Nose day and at the circus.

Lynn said...

LOL Wish they had days like this for us!!!