08 March, 2009

I Got Nuthin'....

Nothing exciting to report, that is. It's just been a random few days of regular old life, and I don't feel witty enough to make it interesting. That won't stop me from telling you all abou it, however.  Heh. I did get to googlechat with David for a good while yesterday, and I took the kids to Fakenham to scout the Kinnerton chocolate outlet and see a film (Pink Panther 2 - amusing enough, although some of it sailed right over the kids' heads).

 I like Fakenham; it's hard to believe we have been in West Norfolk over 3 years and this is the first time I've shopped the town.  Free parking - that rocks.  Three or four new charity shops to check out  - that also rocks!  I actually scored a very nice aran cardigan that's a size too small but still worth shrinking into, as well as a lovely pair of walking-around shoes.  The kids found some fun books, so a success.

Kinnerton Chocolate Factory has its outlet shop right inside the Aldiss furniture store.  Tons of great deals on various chocolates, including Easter eggs galore right now. I will go back before Easter to stock up for kiddoes.

Today was pretty straightforward - church in the AM, and hanging out in the afternoon. I knit some more on my Helter Skelter scarf, and watched Mamma Mia again. Illogical and stoopid as the plot may be, it's good fun to hum along with. And Pierce Brosnan is such an EARNEST bad singer. After dinner, I chased both kiddies upstairs to bed by 7:15.  I just feel in need of a little staring into space on my own tonight.


Anonymous said...

It might be a GOOD thing that some of the Pink Panther sailed right over the heads of the kiddos.

The chocolate sounds delicious! YUM--Easter chocolate.

Lynn said...

Yes I enjoy some of that staring into space with QUIET time too. Don't get enough of it either.

And I had to laugh abt getting a sweater a bit small, but worth shrinking into, and then talking abt going to the chocolate factory!!! LOL

Susie J. said...

I watched Mamma Mia a couple of times, too... same thoughts from this peanut gallery. I have to forgive Mr Brosnan his poor singing, because I still have such a crush on him from the Remington Steele days.