30 October, 2006

Bob the Viking says...

...it's NaBloPoMo!! That's right, National Blog Posting Month. Check out Fussy's NaBloPoMo page. What a great idea - a post every day for the entire month of November. I'm in; are you? You have until the end of November 1 to sign up, my friends. Remember, Bob the Viking wants YOU to blog every day.

(Really, Bob the Viking is a random viking dude from the Jorvik centre in York, but I couldn't resist.)

Knitting update - Lily's stripey socks are thisclose to being done. I have to decrease toes tonight, and also graft the other toe. Couldn't do it on the road, because I need a visual guide to graft, and didn't have a knitting book or the laptop along. Good thing they're almost done, because tomorrow is the last day for October Socks!

Trip update - York was keen, as always, although we only had a day there and it was raining AWFULLY hard. Carlisle is unexpectedly interesting as a city. Pretty castle, cool museum (Tullie House) that's entertaining for both kids and adults. Hadrian's Wall country looked just as mom and I have always pictured it, and the fort we visited (Birdoswald) was a nifty excavation. Both kids did well on the trip, thanks to several side excursions to playplaces, etc. And everyone was bloody happy to get home.

Everything else update - no yarny souvenirs from the trip. Sigh. There is a nice knit shop in the Shambles in York, but it's heavy on Rowan yarns, and frankly I wanted some sort of local wool, knowhaddimean? Reading Catch-22 again, for the first time since a looooooong time ago, and it's just as good, but better, this time around.

Halloween costumes are the other craft of the month, and David will be a wickedly good Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who. Mom and I found the bits and pieces for the costume over this month, and have hemmed sleeves, etc. There WILL be pictures. Lily was going to be the Doctor's Companion, Rose, and we have all the kit for that as well. But she's vaccillating between Rose or a Pink Fairy. I am not worried, since the Pink Fairy happens to be a dress-up costume we have already :) I am sure she'll reach a decision by the time we head out the door tomorrow night.

I am catching David the Elder's oddball cold - he had a cold for week, then was fine for week, then came down with extreme layrngitis this past week. Made for some interesting times on our trip. His voice is mostly back now, to his great relief. He's off for 2 more weeks before heading back to work, which is fabulous!!

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