24 October, 2006

Quickie Post

It's been a LOVELY weekend - David came home Saturday morning bright and early! So....not a lot of knitting, all in all. Which is not a problem, believe me. But I am making progress on the October Socks.

This pair are for Lily, and I cast on 36 stitches to start. WAY too tight. Went up to 40 and I was a bit worried that they would be too tight but they are perfect! The yarn is Fortissima Socka Colori - stash that's about 10 years old, I think. I have a memory of buying it in Frederick, Maryland, BEFORE we were married there in 1996. Size 1 needles again...sensing a trend here.

Started (the color is very washed out here...thank you, Flash):

Look! One sock 98% done and it even fits!!


Liz said...

Glad you got to see David! The sock looks great.

Susie J. said...


Lynn said...

I'm SO glad not much knitting is happening because that means DAVID IS HOME!!! However I am LOVING that sock!!! REally cute on her foot!

Susie H said...

Thanks for the nice comments, all! Back from our leetle trip to Hadrian's Wall and York, etc. It was great and I have 1.95 socks done now. Tonight should do it. Marianne, for the patterning, I just started right in where the yarn started on the ball, but for sock number two, I pulled out yarn until the spot was about the same, and tried to match pattern. Allllllmost perfect, but I have 3 more rounds at the top. Of course, with little kid jeans on, no one will ever know. You'll see when I post the Done Socks. Next time I might actually measure where I am in a pattern string so I can exactly hit it on the scond sock... Is that too compulsive?