31 October, 2006

Socks and Costumes and Candy, Oh My!

First things first - the finished Lily Socks. You can see that they are a bit wonky in the toe grafting. I don't think I pulled the yarn quite tight enough, and also usually I take it down to 8 stitches and graft sideways. This time, I stopped at 12 stitches and grafted front to back and it looks a little awkard to me. Lily likes them, however!

After photographing the socks and doing the school run, I retired from the scene and spent some hours in the knitting house with my coffee and a complex (to me, at least) pattern. Details on that tomorrow...

Next on the agenda was Halloween. David was Doctor Who and Lily finally decided on Pink Fairy, after adding in Hedgehog and Leaf as options during the morning. She was a toasty warm, if rather bulky, Pink Fairy, with 3 layers of tops and bottoms under the costume. David had long underwear under his Doctor Who kit. They had a great time going around the military housing area we went to (here in our own village of about 250, there are perhaps a dozen kids, so ... it's not the best Halloween turf).

Check out the costumey goodness - Lily's courtesy of Woolworth's and David's courtesy of mommy and grandma B.

David looked extremely Doctor Who-like, and several people really "got" the costume (we did put a name tag on it, in case).

When we got home, Lily was asleep and David kindly let us sort out all the peanut candy for grownup consumption. Now I am drinking hot tea and coughing and ready for bed myself. Got to get some rest before NaBloPoMo begins tomorrow!


Lynn said...

I really love those pics, esp of David and his stance!! LOL And I LOVE Lily's socks!! YOu did a great job and I see NO wonky toes (and I looked!!LOL) Now to check out NaBloPoMo........

Sorka said...

ooooh I love the Doctor Who costume! Cool! I went out with the kids so I threw on a bathrobe and tossed a towel over my shoulder.. no one got it.. but my husband. Ah well..