04 November, 2007

All Over the Topical Map, but Not Very Exciting

Well, I'm percolating a slightly deeper post, but it'll have to keep perking a while longer as my mind is full of really mundane stuff that must be purged first.

Item one: Great new sweater pattern in Magknits. I like it a lot - simple, classic, and perhaps achievable for NaKniSweMo? I've been backing off the idea of knitting a sweater in November, but if it could be done, this is the one.

Item two: Wow, do we like Numb3rs (Num-thers, as I call it). We've been catching up with Seasons 1 and 2 so far. Great cast chemistry, way cool math and science, and good crime show plots. I love a show that makes math hot. Plus it stars David Krumholz' hair, all wavy and fabulous. If a little too greasy-looking at times.

Which brings me to item three, also hair-related: The Interwebs Nit-festation of 2007 has made its way from the midwest in the USA (see my girl SusieJ's blog) to here in Merrie Olde. Saw nits and a few crawlers in Lily's hair after her bath tonight, and auuuuuuuugh. Nit combing shows none in mine or small D's, and David's hair is so close-cropped you can check visually. But I will have to deal with Lily's, and the bedding, and the soft toys, and the upholstered furniture and carseat, and any coats, and auuuuuughhh again. I hate hate hate hate hate lice. I was very chilled about it with Lily but they really creep me out. Not a fan of the crawlies.

We had a note a couple of weeks ago from the school that there was a case reported so I have been watching but why, oh, why must they hit here? Whyyyyyyy?

Sorry. So, you see. Not a very deep-thoughts sort of post, but what is completely filling my brain tonight. Now, I'm off to have a beer, and maybe watch one more episode of Numb3rs.


Susie J. said...

1. LOVE that pattern. Put it in my queue. Wondering whether it's easy enough for a first sweater??
2. Haven't gotten into num-thers yet. But I'm totally addicted to CSI, so it's probably up my alley.
3. AAAAAAAAAARGH! I am so. freakin. sorry.
FWIW, I'm afraid we may be begging to reinfest our own house. My sis came to visit for the weekend, and she's still battling her own case of it (I think we got it from her originally, and she's having a heck of a time getting rid of hers). I spent an hour or more combing thru her hair on Saturday, only found two crawlies but HUNDREDS of eggs. I wanted to puke there were so many. She'd been trying natural treatments so far, but when I got a look at her head we went straight to the drug store and bought the real stuff. The stuff that claims it will kill the eggs, too. *shiver* I hope it works. In the meantime... I will be thoroughly washing every bit of bedding she used and vaccuming/spraying the house down yet again.

Liz said...

Oh, no, lice! I hope you get rid of them quickly.

Vyvyan said...

I'm a total crime show freak and Numb3rs (hard to type that without backspacing) is a sure thing in my Netflix queue.

Sorry to hear about the nits. When my DS was little I was so afraid he'd bring them home after a visit to his dad's house (very un-hygenic there).

Lynn said...

OH you poor thing!! LICE is just plain nasty!!!

And Num3ers. LOVE this show! I've been waiting to watch this season with the IO, but so far he hasnt sat down with me yet. May have to start watching w/o him.....