20 November, 2007

Delicious Day

Today, David started his minivacation. Without any specific plans, he and I headed into town for a little browsing and beginning of the Christmas shopping. We have been wanting to eat at Maggie's, a local restaurant, since we moved here 2 years ago, when it was still called Rococo. Today the stars and planets aligned, we dined there, and I had the best lunch I've ever had in England. Potted rabbit to start, with a chutney, toast rounds and cornichons. Then it was a stellar duck breast with medlar jelly and some amazing, life-enhancing veggies. For afters, GREAT coffee (not always found in UK restaurants) and some incredible cheeses. My favorite was the Oxford Blue. Oh. Mah. Heavens. Creamy nirvana, Gentle Reader. I am still reeling 5 hours later.


Rosie said...

Maggie's is literally just round the corner from my Mum and Dad, so now I know where to take them for a treat. I've been thinking how gorgeous it looks, but as the prices are quite high I thought maybe it wouldn't be worth it. Thanks for changing my mind!

Lynn said...

Wow it's nice to spend a day with Big D as well!! Ok the duck sounds good, but rabbit? As in Bugs?!!?