05 November, 2007


Still no deep-thoughts posting today...just one burning question:

Do you see in pixels? Stare at something solid-colored - do you see thousands and thousands of little dots? I also see these in busy, multicolored things but it's harder to notice. Comments most welcome - I'd like to know if I'm crazy or not.


Red said...

Can't say that I do. But I don't think you're crazy, especially since I know a person who has synesthesia: assigning colors to numbers and letters. Just a different way of seeing the world.

Susie J. said...

Nope. I do, however, see little amoeba-like (sp?) things floating around which are apparently IN my eyes.

Lynn said...

Uh no. But that just tells me you are super intelligent and the brain needs to do things like this to keep it entertained.