07 October, 2008

Keeping Warm

I empathize with the kitty.  My son, though, could BE the kitty. When I allow him to turn on the space heater, he is Right. There. On. It.

However, there'll be precious little space heater time this month.  And no radiator heat!  We have vowed to make it to Halloween before turning on the heat.  There are sweaters, sweatshirts, warm socks, and down throws galore in this house, and as God is my witness, we will USE them.

D. left last night for a month to sunnier climes, and that's lucky for him.  Not so lucky for us, who will be both missing him and shivering.  I will particularly miss the radiant heat he throws off at night. Seriously, if I had known my husband was warmer than electric blankets, we might have married far sooner. 

This afternoon, I shall curl up with a cup of cocoa and some wooly knitting until it's school run/ballet run time.  The Mystery Socks are both finished through Clue 1, awaiting Clue 2 tomorrow.  No picture, not because of spoilers, but because Bad Camera has no battery and Good Broken Camera needs charging.  I have the Revontuli to work on, but I may have to put it aside for some wrist warmers (like Fetching), to keep my knitting hands supple and warm.

The Yarn Harlot is a lot funnier about her own Furnace Wars than I am.  [You'll have to read back in her archives a bit, but this post confirms that she lasted until 5 November last year.  Plus there's a cool free hat pattern in the same post.  Bonus.]


Toni said...

Ha! Ha! Sounds like a good reason to marry to me (the one with the cold feet but NOT the one who steals the covers)

AJ Reese said...

Here's thinking warm thoughts to all of you. I have your local town's weather in my iGoogle setup (along with my local town and Honolulu, HI --wishful thinking). It shows that you're rainy today, and mid-60s. The nights are the worst. I would suggest that you all pile into the bed like puppies while D3 is gone, but I know how small ones manage to do full 360 degree turns throughout the night leading to grumpy tired parents the next day.

I'm almost at the point where I'm going to start sleeping in heavy sweatshirt/pants myself. Last year, Norm didn't seem to notice how cold I was until I started wearing thick socks to bed. Norm's brother thought that that was the most hilarious thing --Norm doesn't notice 10 layers of clothing but he does notice it when you wear socks. :-)

Hey, that's why we got married barefoot on the beach.

AJ Reese said...

It always feels colder when it's raining.

Toni said...

And I have an award for you over on my knitting blog: http://yarnontheside.blogspot.com/

Lynn said...

You're holding out until Halloween huh?? Boy are you giving me great blog fodder!!

And that kitty is adorable!