25 October, 2008


Yesterday, I played host to some out-of-town friends. Way out of town...as in, from New York state! Jim and Pat are traveling through the UK and Ireland on their honeymoon, and went far out of their way to come for dinner. It was a wonderful evening, and I added that extra-special touch for their comfort. We call it... central heating!

Yes, I turned the heat on for the evening. That means I will have to go at least one extra day past Halloween, but it was worth it not to have shivering guests at the table.

My friend Jill in the US, worried about the effects of this lack of heat pledge, has got my local weather on her computer. She wrote to warn me that Monday's supposed to be a good frost.  Fear not, Jill and other Gentler Readers, the furnace is lit and I have the heat set to kick in at 10C (approximately 52F). I may go crrraaaazy and kick it up to 12C, too.  So, we'll have heat well before the house and pipes get to freezing.  At least, that's my plan.

Getting back to visitors, if you come to stay, I promise to put the heating on if it's autumn or winter.  We have a guest bedroom, and it's nice and tidy (not even any clean laundry, SusieJ!).   I can cook, after a fashion, and the pub does a world-changing lamb shank.  We'll even make a fire in the fireplace for you, and bake cookies.  Did I mention the castle around the corner, and the Queen's country house down the road 5 miles? Just let me know when you're in this neck of the woods, Gentle Readers, and our door is open.  But not too far, or the heat'll escape.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the heat challenge. We do the same thing with the air conditioning.

I truly try to have it off by Oct. 1.

It didn't happen this year. It was just too unbearably hot for sleep and the men have to be up early for work. It was off by Oct. 7. Only missed by a week.

Anonymous said...

OK....Susie...two things: one, I WANT TO COME! and two, wasn't there a cabbage roll SOUP recipe when I was on here last night??? We're looking for it to make today.....thanks! Marianne

Lynn said...

Ok, if its cold, PUT IT ON!!! If it's hot here in Dec, I put on the a/c. There is enough suffering going on in the world, why add to it???

and whenever I hop across the pond, I WILL BE THERE!!!

Susie J. said...

heh... I'm a total wuss. The first time I shivered, I turned on my heater. Granted, I kept it turned down a bit, so it would only heat to 65F instead of 72F like I would normally do... but still.

Congrats on getting the laundry over and done with!

AJ Reese said...

OK, you can tell that D.3 is out-of-town right now because you are sounding absolutely bonkers for Human Adult Conversation. ;-)