20 October, 2008

Linky Love - Cabbage Roll Casserole

So...one of my fave bloggers posted her weekly menu, and mentioned making cabbage roll casserole. That made me prick up my ears, since I looooove cabbage rolls but do not love the labor involved in making them. I left a comment that it sounded like a grand and yummy menu item, and mere seconds (OK, maybe an hour!) later, this post appeared: Frugal Upstate: Cabbage Roll Casserole.

How cool is THAT? Sounds seriously yummy, especially now that we're heading into cold weather.

Thanks, Jenn at Frugal Upstate!!


Gill - That British Woman said...

that recipe is a good one, I make a similar one and when my mother and step-father visit us from Britian, they always request it, so I can guarantee you'll enjoy it.

Gill in Canada, formerly from Cumbria.

AftonB said...

All the yum and less work! My Grandma in Canada used to make Cabbage Rolls all the time and since she's passed on, I've missed them. I am glad to have an easy option to make them. Now where is the sour cream?

Elizabeth said...

I make this all the time. I use cole slaw mix when I'm really pressed for time.

Here I thought I was being a lazy person and turns out, I'm not the only one that hated making cabbage rolls!

How fun to get a new recipe. Thanks for sharing!!

AftonB said...

Made this for dinner last night. Was a great success. Tasted just like Grandma used to make and the kids loved it! Success on all fronts!