15 October, 2006

Four things

What did we do this weekend? We went to the beach. Now, in Norfolk in October, that does not mean swimming or sunbathing. We packed up the buckets and spades, put on our sweaters and jackets, and went off to dig in the sand...there were tons of other people there, walking around the boardwalk or walking on the beach, but not one swimmer. My mom and I had coffees and looked for interesting rocks and the kids made sand castles and other sandy goodness for hours. It was a wonderful day.

I forgot the camera, but we were in Hunstanton - here's the cute town sign.

Because this was a non-knit sort of weekend, but I still feel like posting, I'm chiming in with the Four Things meme Crazy Aunt Purl posted.

- - -
Four jobs I’ve had:
* Traffic analyst/linguist
* Nanny
* Copy editor for a scientific journal
* (Briefly, one summer) Encyclopedia salesperson

Four movies I can watch over and over:
* Office Space (this is not fiction, this is real cubicle LIFE!)
* A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (stoopid, and wonderful)
* Volunteers (ditto)
* Real Genius (ditto)
I guess you could say I lean toward comedy, eh?

Four places I have lived:
* New York City, New York
* Monterey, California
* Baltimore, Maryland
* Here in lovely rural Norfolk, England

Four television shows I love to watch:
* Doctor Who
* House of Tiny Tearaways, in which Doctor Tanya puts three families with terrifying toddler behavior issues in one house for a week, and cures EVERYONE (She rocks.)
* Little Britain (veddy politically incorrect. VEDDY funny!)
* Spooks

Four places I have been on vacation:
* London, England
* San Francisco, California
* Hong Kong, China
* Cancun, Mexico

Four of my favorite dishes:
* Chicken tikka masala
* Enchiladas
* Sushi
* My mother's lasagna

Four websites I visit daily:
* www.cnn.com
* www.nytimes.com
* www.bbc.co.uk
* www.google.com (Google is a verb in this house)
I'm a bit of a news junkie and I don't watch TV news or listen in the car because I don't like the kids hearing the really rotten bad news.

Four places I would rather be right now:
* Here, but with my darling David home too
* Back at Louisa's Place on the Ku'Damm in Berlin, again with David, reliving our great trip this summer
* Monterey, California, just hanging out there and in surrounding towns
* Home in NY state with David and kiddoes, visiting friends and family

Four bloggers I am tagging:
* You - are there four readers TO tag?? Hehehehehe. If you read this, consider yourself tagged!


Liz said...

Hey, I read it! Look for this sometime in the next couple of days.

Susie H said...

Cool - that's one!! One fabulous reader - ha ha ha!! (That's Count
VonCount from Sesame Street LOL)

Susie J. said...

I'll email it to ya. :)

Lynn said...

The beach sounds like what we had when we went to the Pacific Coast. SO much different than what's here on the sandy beaches of FL!!

And I will play as well, next couple of days for sure.

Lynn said...

BTW I LOVE Real Genius too!!! GREAT MOVIE!