10 October, 2006

Fuzzy and blue...

Just like Grover and Cookie Monster of Sesame Street, I'm feeling fuzzy and blue.

Fuzzy because I'm unmotivated. Blue because I am really, really missing David, and it seems these last couple of weeks waiting for him to come home from deployment are the longest year of my life. Just like the last week of my 42-week pregnancy with small David was the longest year of my life.

Time is crawling, the usual diversions don't appeal to me, and I'm just cranky and taking it out of the kids and my mom. Just to add a little spice to it all, the cold bug has hopped from David in the desert here to David and mom...sigh. I hope everyone feels better really soon, and I hope I feel more chipper as well. At least Lily is relatively perky.

Hurry home, my sweetness:


Lynn said...

{{{Susie}}} I know it's really hard for you. When will he be home? Would it help to knit him a sweater for his return?? Or are you the only warmth he'll need when he gets home? Ok that's a dumb question, but he'll need to wear something warm when you are out in public!! ;-)

Liz said...

Hugs! The waiting must be awful, but he'll be home soon!

Susie J. said...

How about I send you ((missing David hugs)) and you send me ((puking kid hugs))