09 June, 2008

Adamas Progress

I'm fairly flying along with the Adamas shawl. I can't believe I have found a lace pattern that I can work on while watching telly, or talking to friends. Amazing stuff!

I stuck in a lifeline and pulled it off the needles this afternoon to figure out roughly how much more I need to knit. My gauge is MUCH looser than the designer's intent. Here's what 9 repeats looks like, spread out but not stretched, with 5-year-old child for scale. I am thinking 3 more repeats, plus the edging (approximately another repeat in length), should do it nicely. The shawl pattern calls for 14 repeats and I think 12 in my looser gauge is more than enough. What do YOU think, Gentle Readers?


Rosie said...

I think it is beautiful and that you must make it to exactly the size that you feel comfortable with!

Susie J. said...

I think that when you feel like ending, you should wrap it around your shoulders and decide whether or not it feels comfy enough. :)that's the way i fly.... by the seat of my pants. errrr, trousers.

Lynn said...

OHHH this is pretty! Have you tried wrapping it around yourself to see if 12 would be enough? That way you'd know for sure. And Miss L looks lovely as usual.