18 June, 2008

I'm on Fire!

Knit! Knit like the wind! That's been me this past week or two. Adamas is off the needles, but still unblocked. I am contemplating gifting it to someone who is leaving England to return to the States, but I'm not sure if it would be her cup of tea. I'll have to consider it some more, while I block. I cannot believe what a quick knit this has been, and what a FUN one! I want to cast on for another right away, but am forcing myself to return to the stripey socks instead.

Dover was lovely - the castle is amazing. We spent the best part of two days there. I won't post castle pictures, because they're all detail shots. The place is so vast that you can't get a full-castle shot unless you're quite some distance away, and I was always in a car at that point.

The tunnels, the keep, the displays, the Ghurka band who were performing, all of it was really interesting. I give this castle two thumbs up.

We also went over to the cliffs and walked about, although being RIGHT UP ON THE EDGE with children proved to be pretty nerve-wracking. I did get this shot of The White Cliffs of Toe-ver for you, Susie My Friend! No shots from over the edge of the cliffs, though, thankyouverymuch.


Rosie said...

That shawl looks stunning!

Susie J. said...

That turned out nicely!

And thanks for the pic. :) I'm so jealous, it looks like a beautiful area!