06 June, 2008


My friend Lynn is holding a Blogiversary Contest (go wish her well - it's been TWO years!!) and pictures of your calendar(s) are the entry requirement.

These are mine - the top is a knitting page-a-day calendar (I am saving about half the patterns as "might knit possibly") and below is my planner, without which I do not exist. If I don't have the Blue Book of Doom, I have no idea what I need to do.

No wall calendars, as we don't have a good spot in the kitchen to post one.

So Lynn, that's my entry, and congratulations on two years of fun posts to you!

In other news, I spent waaaaay too much time doing laundry on base today, as many folk had the same idea. Fortunately, I popped the wet stuff in baskets/car and took a break to have lunch with my honey while the dryers were all full.

Said honey found me a swift! For a pound! At a boot sale! I am SO happy about that. I want to blog it but I'll need to wait for the sunshine. It's a vintage three-armed wooden wool winder, called a "Nitta Wool Winder," and it even came in the original box.

Such a nifty gadget. I have already used it to wind my skein of Hunt Valley 2-ply laceweight cashmere that has been ripening in stash for over ten years. That skein is now 5 repeats worth of the Adamas shawl, and growing. See the pic below.

Quick review - Adamas pattern? VERY simple and satisfying to knit for a lace pattern. Addi Lace needles? Awesome...they slip along so quickly but the wool? Does. Not. Slide. Off. Ends. It's truly a lace-knitter's miracle.


Susie J. said...

Does it count if I have the same knitting calendar as you? LOL

Seriously though... SCOOOOOOORE on the swift! I'm so insanely jealous! Not that I'd have a good place to PUT the thing, but still...

Lynn said...

The big blue book of doom.....sounds ominous! But thanks for sharing it and LOVE the knitting calendar. I didn't get one this year and I wish I had.