12 June, 2008

Weaning from the E-mail Jones...

This article really resonated with me today. It's about taking time away from Teh Interwebs - the better to live your real life.

E-mail is my addiction. That, and checking up on my Google Reader bloglist. I have made great strides toward lessening that addiction, I think, in the past couple of years. Still, if I am away from e-mail for more than a day, I get antsy. If I can't Google something instantly, I get cranky. How did I survive, waaaay back in 1992, before I had a computer at home? How did I exist with only dial-up?

Inconceivable as it is, I DID exist, survive, even thrive, without net access for decades! Surely I can do it for one day a week? I'm also winnowing my bloglists, by creating an UltraFaves department that I check daily (ten or fewer), and then mass deleting the rest if it gets overwhelming.

Seriously, though, have a look at the article. It's a good read.


Toni said...

Great article! I have been pretty amazed at how much time Ravelry can suck up, and I don't do too much with it. One of our future "month of" projects is to have to spend more time WITHOUT technology in a day than we did with technology. As we both work, computers are essential for part of the day, but after work...no

Lynn said...

My name is Lynn and I'm addicted to a monitor of some sort. Summer is only 4 days in and since I can't get on as often as I want, I'm already feeling jittery and unhappy. The only time I can completely give up my monitors is when I'm on vacation up north. Then I can fill the hours with hiking and site seeing. Here its too hot to do much else but sit inside and watch movies or shop. Even the beaches here aren't as great as they used to be (sharks, red tide, rip currents, jelly fish, beach erosion) so I need my internet fix.

Don't hate me because I'm hooked....LOL

Susie J. said...

I know... I'm totally addicted. I'd try to detox, but I'm getting ready to face 2.5 months of very lonely times... I need my link to grownups.