11 October, 2008

Any Power Shoppers Out There with Advice?

Lilybean has grown out of all her casual dresses, and does NOT like wearing trousers or even leggings with a tunic.  I've been browsing a little on-line, and I found this sort of dress at Lands' End.  It's a simple jersey dress that's not too short.  However, I'm NOT interested in paying 30 dollars apiece, since I'd like to buy three or four. Military family budgets just don't allow for 30-dollar play dresses. KnowhutImean?

Anyone have a favored on-line retailer?

Here in the UK, everything costs double what it does in the US, and to go with that, it seems like Boden is the only place where you can find really simple, casual dresses without a logo or something.  And that's double the normal UK prices.

I'd be interested in either UK or US links - if you have any, or any tips on where to look, hit me in the comments.  KThxBye!


Lynn said...

That is a really cute dress!!! But yes $30 for ANY dress is alot, esp when they outgrow them so quickly. How abt Target or Kohl's, their on line stores? Or even eBay has some cute things second hand. that's another thing you could do, hit the consignment shops.

Susie J. said...

amazon > apparel > kids & baby > girls > dresses.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Susie,
Have you tried ebay? I just search the name brand that I like and the size and then sort by price. I find great deals there.

Also, I love thrift stores.

Lands End has great quality stuff. They also have an overstock area on their website. There's a link to it on the upper toolbar. Have you checked that out?

AJ Reese said...

Land's End also sells in all Sears store fronts. I'm buying Amelia a couple of those very same dresses this week because she, too, has outgrown anything sensible from last year.

Sears has discount coupons (though sometimes they do exclude the LE stuff).

Also, Sam's Club usually has great kid's clothes cheap.

Anonymous said...

Boden is really a only place where we can find really simple, casual dresses.