11 October, 2008

Saturday Random, with Knitting and Lego

First, the Lego bits. Small D insisted I blog this creation. It's James Bond being threatened by a villain, in an Egyptian setting. D's very proud of his work, and Mistah Bond will never surrender the jewel. So I'm told.

I'm proud of my work, too - had a great day of knit and chat yesterday with Afton, and the wristwarmers (a.k.a. The Furnace Wars Weapons) are trucking along after two days of knitting. I chose to do this Basic Mitt pattern instead of Fetching from Knitty, because the lack of ribbing at the top of Fetching wouldn't work for me, and I didn't feel like fiddling with it. This shot is a bit too bright - the actual colours of the wool are dove brown, pale gray, and very pale blue.

Last, but definitely not least, a picture of my Mystery Socks. The sun has turned them vivid pink, but they are really a pinkish lavender. This is Clue 1, finished. I've had a peek at Clue 2 and I think I will do the basic version (no gorgeous cable) because I need to shorten it to adjust for my calves, which don't look great with sock over them.  Needles are teensy size 0 Clover bamboo, and I looooove them.

Today's a glorious sunny day, and doors and windows have been thrown open wide.  Later on, we'll be going round the neighbors' for a playdate and pizza tea.  Sounds nice to me!


AftonB said...
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AftonB said...

Sorry about that Susie. I can't remember how to edit comments so I had to delete that one.

You'll win the furnace war, I promise! Just a little while longer. I had my drier on all day which helped at first, but then overheated my house. Can't win.

Those sewing days are definitely soul food. I finished Bucky and got him all mounted and ready to frame only to realize the frame I got covers most of the border. Another can't win.

Lynn said...

I love your TTL's mystery sock! Very nice!! I was planning on doing it as well, but I'm trying to get my other sock done and it's taking a lot longer than expected. Maybe once the one is finished....

Love little D's Lego design. Anything with Bond is a good thing!

Those mitts look really nice too.

Susie J. said...

007 is looking snazzy! WTG little D!

Loving the wrist warmers and socks. :) My craftiness has been mostly set on the shelf, except for a bit of sockage while on our drive to Texas.