04 November, 2010

Clean, clean, clean...

Today's NaBloPoMo post is a bit boring but I suppose that's because life is a bit boring right now.

 What I don't particularly like to do is clean.  This is a smallish problem because our friends are getting married in 9 days and  the reception is at our place.  Ahem.  And her family will be staying here, so I need the bedrooms to be company-ready as well.

Fortunately, the bride is a cleaning maven - she came over this morning and we decluttered and scoured; I've now got 2.8 of the 3 reception/living rooms looking fantastic. That 0.2 is the big bookcase in the green living room. Need to sort through and reshelve some items.

Crazy thing?  I actually had a nice day, and enjoyed all the cleaning.  Company made ALL the difference. Thanks, Afton!

Tomorrow's agenda - not sure.  We have the dining room and guest room to sort out, as priorities, then it's the kitchen and master bedroom.  Those last two need some clutter removed, but won't be the hard work of the other rooms.

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Lynn said...

Company does give you incentive to clean huh?? LOL and I see you are dealing with a wedding as well! Hmmm. Keeps things interesting, right?? and how great that you had help cleaning up. You are a brave woman, I only like immediate family to help. Like the IO and kids.