06 November, 2010


I'm giddy with decluttering joy...

With Afton's help to be ruthless, we took a carload of stuff to the charity shop this morning, and her fiance and his brother came round this afternoon to cart away a TRUCKload of stuff to the dump.

Having a huge house with lots of storage and a spare bedroom is definitely both blessing and curse. Blessings are obvious, but the curse is that I store things will-nilly in that bedroom and all those closets. 

Today we took all that "why did I keep this" stuff and we made it go away.  Woooooohoo.

We have now cleaned and decluttered THREE reception rooms, one hall, one dining room, one kitchen, and one guest bedroom.

Look at how peaceful and CLEAN it all looks.  The mantel has some things on it to be moved but otherwise perfect.

Still to tackle - the master bedroom, the kids' rooms, and the bathrooms [which are already in fairly good shape].  The remaining bedrooms have a LOT of junk to sort through because things were dropped off in there throughout the day.  However, I'll have Afton's help again tomorrow, plus her teenage daughter!

I'll leave you with this shot of the Mancave mantelpiece. That's the Roman shield David made over half-term. I did help with the wing detailing, though. 

The box on the counter there contains some wedding decorating stuff. Anyone have thoughts on how to hide all those darn wires between the TV and the cabinet?


Toni said...

Wow! Good for you!!!!

We did a massive decluttering the year we got married, since we were each selling a house and buying one together. It really felt wonderful to get rid of so much useless stuff!

Anonymous said...

We've been doing the same thing. Isn't it such a light feeling when you de-crapify??

I have the same problem with wires. I haven't come up with a good solution (yet).

Lynn said...

that is fantastic!!!! I know we have incentive to do a major cleaning when we have company, but a wedding really moves it up a notch!! It's looking fantastic. So are you taking before pics??