20 November, 2010

Missed another one...

Whoops! Missed another posting day.

Friday went well - I tried not to think about the fact that David had come ThisClose to flying home Friday before being told he'll have to return with the rest of the crew [soonish but not Friday].  The kiddoes had fun with their Children in Need Days and spots...I handed out spot sticker sheets to a couple of spotless little boys at school, who had a great time with them!

My day - fairly mundane.  A trip to the dump [all that wedding refuse wouldn't fit in my bins], followed by a trip to base for library, diesel, mail, and groceries.  Stocked up on canned goods, paper goods, and laundry soap now that we have extra pantry room. [During the pre-wedding declutter, I cleared out the "craft shelf" that had taken over half the pantry.]

At the library, I picked up Winston's War: Churchill 1940-1945, by Max Hastings who also wrote Overlord [a great, if dense, book about the Normandy invasion].  Read a little of that last night, and then the kids and I watched some of the Children in Need telecast.   After the Doctor Who segment, we all faded and by 9 PM, we were in bed.

This morning's another foggy one. Not sure what's on the agenda today, apart from NOTHING.  I was considering driving to base to see MegaMind with the kids but if the fog doesn't lift, I'm staying close to home.

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