09 November, 2010

Some cleaning, some errands, and a wee break...

It seems like I've been running all day, right up to the moment 30 minutes ago when I plopped into this chair.  So many errands on base, a run to drop off donations, and a quick trip to the hardware store for door knobs [need to return as I need one more of the right sort].

Best of all was the hour I spent purging Lily's room. I cleared out a bin bag of junk and a HUGE Rubbermaid tote of toys for donation. No, she was not present.  Yes, I was ruthless about toys she doesn't play with.  No, I'm not done! And no, she didn't notice.  Heh.

I took a break this evening and went to a craft-making evening at church.  Lots of Christmas-type crafty projects going.  I made a little plaque and a pomander, and came home with parts for two wreaths that are a bit fiddly and will require more attention.  It was good to get out and do something not related to cleaning or purging.

After I post this, I'm headed to do some purging in the laundry house, which has been a catch-all for crap for tooooo long.

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