05 November, 2010

Running out of gas...

Day Two of the Great Pre-Wedding-Reception Purge is complete, and we have 4 rooms done.  Two guest rooms, kitchen and all the miscellany to go.   House is looking great but I am feeling low on energy.

In these rooms, one of the biggest time sucks has been sorting and purging and reshelving the bookshelves.  We have two walls of books downstairs.  Afton told me she's never seen so many books in a home, outside the library.  And when they're disorganized, double-stacked, and messy, the whole house looks messy.  Seriously.

When they're tidy, however, books are practically art.  Check it out. The green room is the living room.  The even bigger bookshelf is in the dining room.

The stress of cleaning and getting ready is taking its toll, as evidenced by the cold sore blossoming on my lip. I've been zapping it with Zovirax all day but it keeps a-coming.  Sigh.

Nice break tonight after all of that - our church had a Bonfire Night gathering.  BIG bonfire, good fireworks, and lots of eats.  I brought a vat of chili along, and that was very sweet of me :)  Good thing crockpots don't require watching or that would have been some nastay chili. As it was, the crockpot was practically licked clean.


Susie J. said...

The place is looking GREAT!

Lynn said...

Great bookshelves!!!! Yes they do look like works of art. Very nice. And you must be EXHAUSTED!!!

Dave said...

I was looking at the dining room bookshelves, and something seemed off, then I realized what it was: there are books in the glass cabinet and the "safe place." Have you designated another safe place instead then?
Looking good, by the way, my sweetness!