18 November, 2010

Channeling My Mama

Tonight I made two spotty satin bandannas, for my charming children to wear to school tomorrow. Tomorrow is Children in Need Day and they are having non-uniform ["wear spots"] days to raise money. 

The spots are in honor of Pudsey Bear, the spokesbear of the charity.  Now Lily has lots of spotty gear, but spotty clothing for gents is sadly lacking.  We popped into town after school today to see if there were any Pudsey bandannas to be had.  Nooo.  We did score some nice spotty socks and little circle stickers; then I hit the fabric store for a little spotty fabric.

My mom would be proud of my Mad Sewing Skillz.  I turned the hems, ironed them and turned them again, and hemmed these bad boys while watching Top Gear.  I miss my mother's costuming talents, but in the past couple of years, I have impressed myself a wee bit by being able to fill that gap.  I just keep remembering that "good enough is OK."

And I know the kids will be happy tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Happy kids --- that's the most important thing. Hope they have fun @ school with their spotty bandanas.

Lynn said...

You bet she would!!!! What cool fabric too. You did a great job on them. What's great is that they were pretty easy to make and yet look very impressive.