10 November, 2010


I am allergic to dust.  Isn't everyone?  Anyway, kicking up years' worth of dust by clearing out the laundry house and sorting the pantry has left me feeling and sounding like someone with a rotten cold.  Kids were coughing quite a bit, too.  I think after the pantry is done, the big dust storms will be a thing of the past.

That's enough about cleaning :).  Did I mention there's a walk-in refrigerator trailer parked outside my kitchen door for the caterer??  Good times....good times.


Anonymous said...

My son deep cleaned his room/closet/office this weekend and it must have kicked up a LOT of dust.

The bathroom tub surround is just coated with a fine white dust. I think it blew over from his room when he was cleaning.

Sounds like you are making GREAT progress on getting things done.


Lynn said...

This is why I don't clean.