02 November, 2010

Halloween recap

Halloween was both low key and everpresent this past week. Everpresent because there were three parties in the space of a week.  Low key because we didn't carve pumpkins or anything, or decorate the trunk for trunk-or-treat [beyond draping a pirate flag and some ghost tinsel].  We didn't even go trick or treating on the night itself.  

The first party was the squadron kids' Halloween bash one week beforehand. Games, dinner, pinatas, costume contests, trunk-or-treating...good times!  The kiddoes dressed as Doctor Who and his companion Amy Pond.  I even tinted Lily's hair redder - she looooved that.

The Saturday before Halloween there were TWO parties, so we split the team and changed costumes.  Lily the devil went to the party at her friend's house with all the girlies from her class.  

David dressed as Skulduggery Pleasant, and came with me to the church party/trunk-or-treat.   Then, with Halloween on Sunday, we stayed home, ate lots of that Halloween candy, and watched Doctor Who videos.

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Susie J. said...

LOVING the Doctor/Pond duo! Great costumes all the way around, though. :)