08 November, 2010

Man Lab

Hah! Bet you thought I was going to blog about cleaning, but noooo.  There was more decluttering today, but I wanted to share our newest enjoyment with you.

It's James May's Man Lab!

Good fun - he's trying to bring back all kinds of lost manly arts -  duelling, building things, serenading a lady, and even navigation by traumatized dog and magical powder.  The kids love it.

The KnitFarm/Knitting House is not being decluttered at the moment, Lynn, as you asked.  That's because it's holding all the stuff for the reception, as well as tons of junk that was not sold at the various preschool boot sales.  David and I will rent a little skip when he gets back and toss toss toss things out.  I did purge a large carton of yarn from the main house, though.  Actually, most of my yarn is in the main house, so there ya go!


Susie J. said...

aw, rats! "This is not available in your country" or some such blather. :(
Looks like a fun show!

Lynn said...

A large carton?!?!? Oh my. I always get nervous when yarn gets purged.......

But now you have room for more!!!