01 November, 2010

NaBloPoMo - she begins!

I'll take a stab at daily posts this month, without joining the official crew. 

Brief recap of the past 2 months....School started for kiddles and they're enjoying it. 

We went to Brugge/Bruges and adored it. I'd love to go back.  What a jewel of a city.

David the son ruptured his appendix, had emergency surgery and spent the best part of a week in hospital. He's recovered amazingly well!

David the husband got tagged to go away AGAIN for work. Le Sigh. He may miss a trip to Dublin we've got planned in a few weeks.

Knitting - on hold it seems.  I have two pairs of socks that are hibernating.  I'll pull out the one that's two-thirds finished and get it going again.

Feeling a little low and a lot overwhelmed, but things are going along...

How about YOU??

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Lynn said...

Glad to see I have company with nablopomo!! and good to see you posting again.