14 November, 2010

Wedding Weekend

I've been out of blogtouch for these last few days because of the Great Wedding Weekend.  Friday - decorating house and chapel, ferry caterers over to chapel, picking up bride's family from train station, rehearsal  dinner.  Saturday, last minute errand for caterer, followed by frazzledness getting kids and me ready in less than enough time, ferrying people to chapel.

  Beautiful wedding ceremony.  Back here for a FANTASTIC day of reception wonderfulness. The bride and groom were gorgeous, the weather cooperated for pictures, food was amazing, and all the guests seemed to have a marvelous time.

Post-reception cleanup was a thing of beauty - all the bride's family, who were staying here, got things sorted out so quickly and it was even cleaner than before!  There was a sort of after-party Chinese dinner, and I stopped in through the appetizers, but was flagging...

Had to go home, finish sorting out paperwork to hand off a church job, finish a talk I gave this morning, and find time to sleep a little, too.

I've been living on Lemsip [like Theraflu]for the last 3 days and today I feel pretty much out of gas.  Church went well.  Got some good news.  Gave my talk [about gratitude], which felt good, although I got totally choked up in the middle, which I never do. 

Post-church meeting about changes in the children's Sunday school.  Got a blessing of comfort and healing, and reallyreallyreally needed that.

Came home to help clean out the refrigerator truck/sort leftovers for wedding couple, etc., and help take bride's family to train station.

Now. Now, it's 6 PM, feels like midnight, and I just need to survive til Lily finishes her homework sheet and gets into PJs.....


Lynn said...

Wow. and now you can sleep. Pics when you can please!

Susie J. said...

What a weekend!! Congrats to your newlywed friends, and I'm so glad it was a beautiful wedding/reception!