13 March, 2008

All Over the Place

I've had a lovely morning all to myself, with no commitments, unexpectedly, and it's a nice feeling.
The one-row scarf? She is DONE!! I took a few pictures to post on Ravelry but it doesn't look any different from the scarf-in-progress shots last month. Just longer. I used two skeins of Wendy Fusion and size 6 needles. Loved the color changes in the yarn and grew VERY tired of the pattern before the end. That's just me struggling with project monogamy, however. I think the finished scarf is quite classy looking.
Now, on to a new project (skipping wildly around room). Looking at the wool I have set aside for the felted bag project, I realized that I haven't got enough for a French Market Bag, but I could make a Booga Bag (picture below is from designer's web site). I like this handle style a bit better, anyway. I think I will try to make it somewhat bigger than the finished bag as written. Several people on Ravelry have made modifications to get a bigger bag. I'm going to use tweed-flecked black wool from my stash (Tivoli Tweed DK, I think) for the base, to get more mileage out of the multicolored wool I have. Pictures of my own bag-in-progress will follow soon as there's enough to photograph.

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Susie J. said...

I think I like this one better, anyway. :)