17 March, 2008

Odds and Ends

I've got nuthin' of great import today for you. Visited the dermatologist today for a close look at some moles on the Small D-man. One will be removed and biopsied next week - "These look fine! Except this one's kinda rough, and big, and weird-shaped. Let's take it off and have a look. It's fine! [Hearty laughter.]" A little nervous-making, but not too bad. OK, sort of stressful to think about, actually.

Lily Bean had another friend over tonight, for the first time, and it was a great success.

My younger niece is definitely coming to visit for a while this summer, and that makes us all pretty dang happy. I can't wait to do some field-trippin' with her...

Kids are asleep, I'm fried and avoiding kitchen clean-up, and this lace-weight wool is pretty drool-worthy. Such lovely colours.

See, I told you it was Odds and Ends, gentle reader!


Susie J. said...

ohhhh, drool-worthy indeed.

Rosie said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, yarn (good job I don't use laceweight).