03 March, 2008

Good things

I'm thankful today.

Thankful for my sweetie husband, and the fact that he found a phone that will take a phone card so we could talk, and listen, to one another more than 5 minutes without fear of bankruptcy.

Thankful for Twining's fruity something or other tea, which is totally pink and quite tasty.

Thankful for Aleve and how it made my tooth/headache go away.

Thankful that one of my picky children has expanded the foods he eats to include pesto and olives, so two of the three of us ate something colorful for dinner tonight.

Thankful for good news from my mother-in-law, about David's uncle, who's been quite ill.

Thankful for my mother-in-law, who loves me maybe as much as I love her!

Thankful that I have a haircut appointment Wednesday so I will be able to see through this shaggy mane. I'm definitely going shorter this time.

Thankful for audio available on line so I can "read" and knit at the same time.

And thankful for you, Gentle Reader, for bothering to read my blathering.


Susie J. said...

All very good things to be thankful for. Personally... I'm thankful for my upcoming visit, and the reason behind it. :)

storyteller said...

I love gratitude lists!!! When we focus on our blessings, the rest falls away.

My sister and I use cell phones with free cell to cell minutes to stay connected, but phone cards work too. I love getting my hair cut (when it’s time to do so) … it always lifts my spirits!

How lucky you are to have such a wonderful relationship with your MIL! Reading YOUR list has put a smile on MY face … so thanks for sharing!
Hugs and blessings,