18 March, 2008

Television to Knit By

I have been making some serious progress on the Booga Bag. I'm using lots of stash yarn to extend the multicoloured wool I have, and I think it's going to be a pretty cool bag. I'm going big, and with luck, after felting, this will be a good-sized tote. So far I have about 10 inches of the body done. It will be at least 20 inches deep pre-felting. I haven't decided how much bigger than that, though.

The best thing about this project: miles of mindless stockinette on large needles. How is that good, you ask? Well, it makes for great TV-watching time.

I'm combining my knitting with watching The Palace on my laptop, and it's a match made in heaven. This is an ITV show that just aired in the last two months. Imagine a combination of The West Wing and Dallas or Dynasty. Great stuff! All eight episodes are still available online , for another two weeks, if you live in the UK. Or you can buy the UK DVD already - who knew?


Toni said...

OOH, the stockinette doldrums!!! TV is fabulous--I've even gotten to where I can read a book when I knit SS. I didn't say it always went well, but I can do it. :)

Lynn said...

I watch tv at night so that's why ss knitting works so well for me. Or plain sock knitting. I let the yarn do the talking for me.