26 March, 2008

How Could I Have Forgotten??

How did I forget to mention this?! That's right, 6 September in London it's "I Knit Day," starring the Yarn Harlot and workshops and vendors and knitters galore. I have my ticket, and I'm ever so very excited about it. Anyone else here in the UK going?
In other news, my head cold is heading (heh heh...) south to my chest. I'm now starting to sport a lovely cough. Hoping to nip it in the bud with positive thinking and vitamins, and an early night tonight.


Toni said...

Ooh, sounds like you have the same cold I had--bummer. Lots and lots of fluids & steam helped me get through the coughing. Hope you're better soon!

Rosie said...

get well soon! I'm going to be at I Knit Day: can't wait.