28 March, 2008

Travel Plans: The Update

Well, as of right now, David's rebooked onto a flight that lands tomorrow afternoon. Heathrow cancelled 20% of flights today and who knows how well things will be running tomorrow? We shall see. We have the ride lined up for him, and he hopes to be home by dinnertime.

Me, I will be hitting the road around 2:30 AM here with kids and their pillows, to head to Gatwick to meet Susie's 6 AM flight tomorrow morning.

Directions are downloaded, car is gassed up and cleared out, guest room is ready, and the rest of the house is its usual self. Which is to say, pretty tidy, actually.

I'll be hitting the hay very early tonight, so I can be a spunky, sparky driver on the M25 in those pre-dawn hours. Wheeeee!!


1 comment:

Lynn said...

I was just reading abt Terminal 5 before I came here. What a mess!! Well here's hoping that everybody on your list will make it to where they have to......