05 March, 2008

Hair Cuts and Pictures

Today I got my hair cut. It looks fantabulous, if I do say so myself. However, documentary proof? Not so easy. I tried the ole Mirror Shot trick and the flash went crazy, but when I chose "no flash" I could NOT get a non-blurry shot. I guess I have shaky hands. I had small D take a few pictures but those too were blurry.

I'll have to try in broad daylight with the mirror, but trust me. It's a good haircut. We got rigd of the shag in the back, and the stylist gave me a modified bob with lots of layers in it. Very grown-up looking, and short without looking "short."


Susie J. said...

hmmm, that reminds me. I need a haircut.

Rosie said...

hooray for wonderful haircuts; they make you feel so good, don't they.