24 March, 2008

Groan and Moan

I'b got a code id by head. Many thanks to Lily, who always manages to bring home a bug on the last day or two of term. She's feeling sparky now, if a little stuffy, but I have been producing way too much oogy stuff and using way too many tissues.

I even took a nap in the middle of the day. With two kids home. And no other grownup around. I told them to play quietly and come get me if they needed anything. After the second story that Lily asked me to make up for her book she drew, I invited her to nap with me. That got her back downstairs in a hurry! The house didn't burn down, and I managed to survive the rest of the day until bedtime, so that rocks.

Here's to Twinings' Lemon and Ginger Infusion, or whatever it's called. Perfect for stuffy heads.

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Samantha M. Dowd said...

Poor thing I hope you feel better soon. Don't feel bad about the nap in the middle of the afternoon with no other grown ups around. I will let you in on a little secret....I have to.I shut the baby gate upstairs tell Grayson to read book in his room and I am good for a 30-40 minute snooze lol