20 March, 2008


The kids finished up the winter term today, and highly enjoyed their Easter Disco (a fundraiser) this evening. Children's discos in the UK are an interesting phenomenon. There's music, and dancing around, but really the DJ is the games ringleader. The first 90 minutes was for the 4-7-year-old set; the last half was for the 7-11 crowd. Lucky me, I got to be there for both, with one child in each camp. Fortunately, the other two small children who stayed for round two were friends of Lily's so they played happily in a corner of the hall.

We were all whipped when we got home, and I hope against hope that the kids will sleep in tomorrow.

If you like space stuff, then this site (Google Mars) is absolutely astounding. Check out the detail on these maps.

I brought the Booga Bag along tonight, and knit a little bit. It's really going quickly, but I can't find the freaking camera to take progress pictures. I have absolutely no idea where I stashed it, which is very frustrating indeed.

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Toni said...

What a fun thing to have for kids!!! Staying for both sets--you are a brave, brave woman!