02 March, 2008

Mothering Sunday

Today is Mothering Sunday here in England, or, as I like to think of it, my extra Mother's Day. I was gifted with handmade cards from both kiddoes, a lovely cake from small D decorated with every sort of chocolate known to man (because D's teacher? She is brilliant and knows what mothers love.), and even little flower corsages. I am so lucky.

Maybe the nicest thing was the 2-hour nap the kids let me take this afternoon while they played nicely together. Not maybe. Definitely the nicest thing.

On the other hand, it was also fun putting together David's planetarium despite the forty-eleven tabs that needed to be glued. It took us hours to get that thing into a globe shape, but it was gratifying in the end.

If you're a mother, you have a virtual hug from me today. I hope your day is/was lovely.


Susie J. said...

TWO Mother's Days??? Very lucky mommy!
(((hugs))) Happy Mothering Sunday.

Jenny Momma Cat said...

Wow...I've never heard of Mothering Sunday! How very cool! Hope you had a lovely holiday!

marianne said...

Aren't kids the best when they are thoughtful? These kinds of moments when our children know what we really want/need are such memory makers. happy Mothering Day!

Samantha M. Dowd said...

Happy Mum's day!!

Lynn said...

Hey anytime a mom can get a little extra something is a GOOD thing to me!!! How WONDERFUL to get that nap!!! High fives to both kiddos!