21 March, 2008

...and I've Never Been to Boston in the Fall!!!

Today, I took the kiddoes to see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, a full-length movie very vaguely inspired by this Silly Song from Veggie Tales. it was a very cute movie, and the kids thought it was awesome. Me, I preferred the first VT movie, Jonah, but I liked this one too.

{You'll get the title reference if you've heard the Silly Song.}

And...has anyone seen my camera?! It's fallen into a black hole, and I need it for knitting progress pictures. And Easter pics. Maybe not in that order...

Oh, and my niece, Clarke? She is a most clever lady, and even getting kudos to reflect that at school. Cheering wildly from here.

That's all from me today. No posting of my deeper thoughts or current worries about friends, etc. I'll keep those for my own, and just say to you, Gentle Reader, have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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