19 March, 2008

Wheels Turning

Isn't this an amazing mandala? It's like fractals and stained glass. (The image is from this site.) I've put this picture up as wallpaper on my laptop, for use as a focal point during meditation and prayer.

Today's been a very quiet sort of day - Lily spiked a little fever so both of us hung out at home today. By this afternoon, she was feeling pretty sparky again, so I am hoping she'll be up for school in the morning.


Toni said...

OK, I had to look up a "mandala," but it IS beautiful AND I learned a new word today. Whoo hoo!!!!!

Samantha M. Dowd said...

that is so beautiful!!!!

Lynn said...

Yes it does look like fractals in stained glass. How cool. I'll need to find the picture of the wall the IO painted in fractals when we lived in NY.