15 March, 2008

Anyone Remember These?

When I was really little, there were at least two years, maybe more, that we had these eggs at Easter. In my memory, they were the most intricate things, with a little world inside each egg. Later, as an adult, I loved looking at the Faberge eggs in the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore. They reminded me of the sugar eggs, done on an incredibly luxurious scale.

I wonder if I can find a couple of these here, for the kids' Easter baskets? You can't go home again, but I'd love to pass on that memory of amazement to them.

The picture comes from this website. Cool stuff!


storyteller said...

Yup ... I remember ... but I'm a dinosaur ;--)

Unfortunately I haven't a clue where you might find them today ... but maybe someone on the website where you found the picture might?
Hugs and blessings,

Lynn said...

I remember those! However I haven't seen then in awhile so I have no clue where you could get them.