23 January, 2008

Comments, and All That...

Thank you, Gentle Commenters, for all the nice words about my "art" yesterday. You make me feel special. Almost as good for the self-esteem as hanging out with Mr. Rogers.

Toni left a comment about another post [my salt rant] that has me thinking. I blogged about it on my other blog, but I'm seriously contemplating her suggestion of a month without processed foods. Just have to wrap my head around portion control a bit more firmly, before I give up the ready meal crutch.

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Toni said...

I spent 3 years working for the American Diabetes Association, and the best nutritional advice I ran across was called the "plate" method. Get a 9-inch plate. At meals, half should be vegetables, 1/4 starch (corn & potatoes count here--not as vegetables), 1/4 protein, and the food cannot stick up from the plate more than 2 inches. I think it's both the easiest & easiest to live with meal plan ever!