07 January, 2008

Monday - Not the Worst Day Ever!

A good day, overall. I had a nice visit with Chrissie, planned the Great Laundry and Exercise Mission for Wednesday, and had a beautiful drive home. It's been windy and grey, but as I drove, the light was silver and so bright. It was punctuated with the widest rainbow I've seen in ages. I must start keeping the camera in my bag so I can capture neat moments like that. The kids and I had an early dinner out, and once they were fed and cheery, we sped through Tesco picking up more bread and a bunch of fruit and veg.

I've found a really interesting blog through the post-a-day in 2008 movement. The blog is called "thirty-four words: a year of people who have touched my life" and as an exercise in writing, and thought, it is very interesting. Check her out here.

Feeling a big out-ge-wiped tonight; I was dizzy for a moment as I came in the door with the kids, so I think I will sit and take it easy with a cup of tea now.

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