05 January, 2008

A Side Effect of Deployment

For me, when D. is gone, one of the worst things is insomnia. Me, the one who loves to sleep, who can nap at the drop of a hat, who can drink coffee at 9 PM and be asleep by 9:15 PM. I just can't get to sleep easily. It's 1 AM, I know I'll be a bear in the morning, the kids will suffer, but I just can't make my eyes close.

I don't know if it's classic insomnia, so much as loneliness. After the kids go to sleep, I need to fill my head with something other than solitude. Checking Google Reader blog subscriptions, watching movies, knitting sometimes, eating too often, reading a beloved old book...all of these are more tempting than sleep. Unfortunately, cleaning or laundry are not inviting replacements for sleep, or I'd be living in Martha Stewart Land right now instead of Toy Explosion Book Scattered Land.

Just had to share that with y'all, Gentle Readers. Maybe now I can sleep.


Susie J. said...

I do the exact same thing.

Toni said...

When I was in college, I read that our brains have the same brain-wave pattern when we're watching TV as when we are sleeping, so I've used TV to put myself to sleep for years. Turn the volume very low, put in a movie you know & won't get too absorbed in, turn out the lights & let the idiot box work its magic. I've tried everything else, but this has always been my best cure for insomnia