12 January, 2008

A Little Laugh

After a long, sleepless, anxious sort of night, and a downer of a morning, I am giving myself a pep talk and heading out with the kids.

This would cheer anyone up. It's the Chopping Broccoli song from Saturday Night Live of the 90s. The link is the official network one, and it won't work if you're not in the US, so you'll have to Google it. Trust me. Funny.


Lynn said...

OH he wa SO funny!!

Vyvyan said...

You made my day posting that link! I think I was watching that episode when it was live way back then...all those years ago...

If you like corny movies, the Master of Disguise with Dana in the lead role is silly fun and the kids can watch it too. You've gotta watch the outtakes at the end of the movie though. My husband loves the impression Dana does of Bob, oh I forget his last name, but the late artist from PBS who would paint Happy Trees and had a white man 'fro.