05 January, 2008

A Little Bit in Love, and a LOT in Love

I'm a little bit in love. OK, I'm utterly enchanted with this blog. It's Yarnstorm, and her photographs and writings about food and craft are so very lovely. Perhaps I am the last in the world to find her, but wow. My head is spinning with colors and textures. Slowly working my way through the archived posts. Definitely worth an extended browse, that blog.

I am also utterly in love with this guy. Gentle Readers, it's David's birthday tomorrow and he's much much much older than I (all of a month, even). I wish more than anything that he would be here, and not in the desert, for his birthday. Failing that, maybe we can cheer him up a bit. If you read this, would you leave a Happy Birthday sort of comment on his blog? I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

Thank you so very much, and all that...

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