10 January, 2008

Parenting Challenges in 2008

Wow. I just checked in on The Not Quite Crunchy Parent, which is a lovely and interesting blog. The author has posted her parenting goals for 2008. I embrace Every. Single. One. What a great lady. What a great list. Here's an excerpt, but you should go check out her post. Again, wow.

1. Breathe deep before responding
2. Ask questions- engage in conversation - listen
3. Limit junk food
4. Fight the media monster
5. Watch for inappropriate playmates…and language
6. Work harder on healthy food
7. Let go – relinquish control; Encourage independence
8. Provide structure
9. Read, read, read
10. Play – games I don’t like or understand but he does
11. Learn about what interests him – be able to discuss them
12. Limit “no” – try for “let’s discuss”
13. Say “I love you”; “That’s great”, “good job”

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susieknits said...

Susieh! Hi from SusieC. Thanks for your great comment on my blog (Jan. 3, '08)! It's nice to connect with fellow knitters. Happy Knitting! Oh! I loooove your knit farm!!! Do you take reservations? :) Susie